Rubber hood with external gag

Latex hood with external gag

This is an all over face mask with a solid external gag measuring 7cm long by 13 cm circumference.Nose breath holes only.
Rubber hood with pump up gag

Latex hood with pump up gag

This is a latex hood with internal pump up gag. Gag deflated is 7cms long by 13cm girth
Rubber inflatable hood with mouth tube

Latex Inflatable hood & breathing tube

An inflatable latex hood with mouth breathing tube only
Rubber inflatable hood with nose tubes

Latex Inflatable hood with nose tubes

Latex Inflatable hood with nose tubes only
Rubber inflatable hood with breathing tubes

Inflatable hood with nose and mouth tube s

An Inflatable latex hood featuring 2 breath tubes running from nose, and one from mouth
rubber hood with penis sheath and gag

Latex Mask with male sheath and gag

This latex mask features a penis sheath with attached tubing to a solid mouth gag inside the hood. Nose holes only. 
rubber hangmans mask with gag and dildo

Latex Hangmans hood with gag and dildo

This is a latex hangmans hood with nose holes featuring an internal mouth gag measuring 7cms in length by 12cm circumference. The hood also features an external dildo measuring 13.5cm long by 12cm circumference.
rubber inflatable hood and gag

Latex Inflatable hood with inflatable gag and breath tube

This is an Inflatable latex hood with added inflatable mouth gag incorporating breath tube
rubber hood to female pants

Latex hood attach to Female pants

A pair of latex female pants attached to hood.Nose holes only
rubber pee pants with hood

Male Pee pants with hood

These are a pair of male pee pants with male sheath attached to a long tube which is in turn attached to a hood.The hood comes standard with mouth gag and no other holes whatsover but can be made with nose holes,eye holes or both if preferred